Montag, 15. August 2011

Die Kreidefelsen von Mön - Møns Klint

Im Osten der Insel Mön liegt ein großes Kreidefelsenmassiv. In der Kreide eingeschlossen sind viele Steine mit Resten aus der Vergangenheit. Jeder Sammler wird hier sehr schnell "steinreich".

In the east of the isle Mön is a big chalkstone massif. In the chalk concluded are many stones with leftover from the foretime. Any assembler can becoming fast " stonerich".

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  1. Wunderschönen collage !!

    Liebe grüsse, Joop

  2. Gorgeous photos and scenery. The cliffs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week.

  3. Amazing scenes. I love the centre photo - the colours are amazing.

  4. Amazing!! It is so beautiful! I feel I really have to go there one time...

  5. What a beautiful collage this is Synnove!
    I especially love the middle photograph.
    Such a wonderful composition.

  6. Wow! Fabulous views of a place I don't know at all.


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